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eWeLink Works with Alexa Tutorial

eWeLink can connect with Amazon Alexa devices (Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Amazon Tap) to give you command of your home through voice controls. Since eWeLink supports Amazon Alexa, we are committed to improving the function and user experience. Recently, we made a great breakthrough: we have released a brand-new Alexa smart home skill. You can use English (US), English (CA), English (IN), English (AU), English (UK), German, Japanese and French command to control eWeLink devices.

The smart home skill is renamed "eWeLink Smart Home". Compared to the old skill "eWeLink fan", the smart home skill is more intelligent, more responsive and more friendly! With the smart home skill, users can control more Sonoff devices with simpler commands now. The smart home skill even supports complicated commands of adjusting LED's brightness and color temperature. We will step to step teaching you how to set up to use the smart home skill and control Sonoff devices below.

What Sonoff devices can work with Alexa

Those products marked with a "Works with Alexa" logo in www.itead.cc support to work with Alexa. The products include(updating): Sonoff S26Sonoff iFan02Sonoff S31Sonoff B1, Sonoff T1 UK, Sonoff T1 EU, Sonoff T1 USSonoff RF Bridge 433, Sonoff S30Sonoff 4CH & Sonoff 4CH R2Sonoff 4CH Pro & Sonoff 4CH Pro R2, Sonoff DualSonoff LED, Sonoff Basic, Sonoff RF, Sonoff SV, Sonoff Slampher, Sonoff Touch EU/US, S20 Smart Socket, iFan(just turn on/off), S22, Sonoff Pow, Sonoff TH10/TH16 and Sonoff Hum, BN-SZ01, Sonoff G1, 1 Channel Inching/Self-Locking WiFi Switch

Get started

1. Download and install Amazon Alexa App.

2. Register an Alexa account. Pair your account successfully with Echo.

Note: only those Apple IDs with United States base can search and download Alexa App in APP Store. Android users may have difficulties in pairing their accounts with Echo. If you encounter any problems like this, you should consult Amazon customer services.

How to connect Sonoff devices to Amazon Alexa?

1. Open Alexa App, tap on the menu on upper left corner.

2. Go to Skills.

3. Enter "ewelink"(in full lowercase) in the search field and search.

4. Tap "eWeLink Smart Home".

5. Enable the skill.

6. Enter your eWeLink account information and tap on 'Log in' to link your eWeLink account to your Amazon account. If your account is a phone number, you should select your country. If your account is an email address, please select a random country/region code.

Note: If you haven't registered any eWeLink accounts but use the Facebook account to log in eWeLink, here you should log in with a designated email address and verification code. If you never use FB account to log in eWeLink, please neglect below step.

How to get the designated account and verification code?
Open eWeLink App, go to User Center. If you are Android users, make sure you are using Ver2.3.3 or higher version. On top of User Center, you'll see there is an email address (******@ewelink.me) and verification code, as shown below. Please use the designated email address as account and the verification code as the password to log in Skill.

7. Your Amazon Echo is connected to your eWeLink system now.

8. Please go back to skill page. There will be a prompt asking to discover devices. Tap on "DISCOVER DEVICES", you'll enter the smart home center.

Or you can directly enter "Smart Home" in the menu.

9. In "Smart Home", you will see the "Discover Devices" button, tap on it to start.

10. It comes with a progress bar.

11. Once it's done. You'll see all the devices under your account.

How to control Sonoff devices with simpler voice commands?

You'll need:

First of all, make sure you have added Alexa supported device to your eWeLink account. Those products with a "Works with Alexa" logo in our shop support to work with Alexa.  

Make sure the names of your devices do not contain any special characters. You can use a standard name such as lamp, kitchen light, bedroom light.

 1. Standard phrases for controlling Sonoff devices in US/UK/IN/CA/AU English

Firstly, you can ask Alexa to discover devices, the command is:

Alexa, discover my smart home devices
Alexa, discover device
Alexa, find device

This can take up to 20 seconds. When discovery completes, discovered devices will list under Your Devices in the Smart Home section of the Amazon Alexa app.

Standard phrase for English (US), English (CA), English (IN), English (AU), English (UK) ( {deviceName} should be the name of your device): Alexa, turn on/off {deviceName}.

Try out these phrases( {deviceName} should be the name of your device):

Alexa, turn on {deviceName}
Alexa, turn off {deviceName}
Alexa, turn {deviceName} off
Alexa, turn {deviceName} on
Alexa, turn on the {deviceName}
Alexa, turn off the {deviceName}
Alexa, put {deviceName} off
Alexa, put {deviceName} on

2. Standard phrases for controlling Sonoff devices in German

Firstly, you can ask Alexa to discover devices, the command is: 

Alexa, finde meine smarten geräte

Standard commands to control devices:

Alexa, schalte Gerätename ein
Alexa, schalte Gerätename aus

3. Standard phrases for controlling Sonoff devices in Japanese

According to some news, the 2nd generation Amazon speakers (such as Echo Dot)support Japanese. The original speakers don't support. Please check on Amazon official website.

Standard commands to control devices:

アレクサ、スイッチ をつけて
アレクサ、スイッチ を消して

4. Standard phrases for controlling Sonoff devices in French

Standard commands to control devices:
Alexa, allume Ampoule
Alexa, éteins Ampoule

5. Standard phrases for controlling Sonoff Dual, Sonoff T1, Sonoff 4CH and Sonoff 4CH Pro

To control more than 1 gang devices with Alexa, like Sonoff Dual, Sonoff T1(UK/EU), Sonoff 4CH, Sonoff 4CH Pro, you'll need to say the device name and the gang name together.

Standard voice control commands phrases, if you just say the device name, Alexa will turn on/off all gangs immediately:

Alexa, turn on {deviceName}
Alexa, turn off {deviceName}

Alexa, turn on {deviceName} {gangName}
Alexa, turn off {deviceName} {gangName}

The default names for the 4 gangs are outlet 1, outlet 2, outlet 3, outlet 4. You can change the name if you like.

Explanation: if the device name of your Sonoff 4CH is "My Switch", the gang name is "Outlet 1", then you can control with "Alexa, turn on My Switch Outlet 1".

6. Standard phrases for changing the brightness of Sonoff LED

You can use Alexa voice control to change color temperature or brightness of Sonoff LED.

Color temperature mapping:

Shades of White Color Temperature value (in degrees Kelvin)
warm, warm white 2200
incandescent, soft white 2700
white 4000
daylight, daylight white 5500
cool, cool white 7000 (if the device can't support 7000k, then max supported CT will be used)

Voice control commands phrases for Sonoff LED:

Alexa, change the {deviceName} to shade of white
Alexa, make the {deviceName} warm white
Alexa, set {deviceName} to daylight
Alexa, set {deviceName} cooler/whiter
Alexa, set {deviceName} cooler
Alexa, make {deviceName} whiter

Alexa, set {deviceName} to {number percent}
Alexa, increase {deviceName} by {number percent}
Alexa, decrease {deviceName} by {number percent}

For example: "Alexa, set Bedroom LED to 68%".

7. Standard phrases for controlling Sonoff B1

You can ask Alexa to change color temperature, color and brightness for Sonoff B1.

B1 Note: you can use voice command to change from white to color, but not color to white. If you want to change from color to white, you should select White on App. In white, you can change the brightness and color temperature, but you can't change in Color.

Color temperature mapping:

Shades of White Color Temperature value (in degrees Kelvin)
warm, warm white 2200
incandescent, soft white 2700
white 4000
daylight, daylight white 5500
cool, cool white 7000 (if the device can't support 7000k, then max supported CT will be used)

Color temperature changing example:

Note: you can only change this in White light, if the light is in Color mode, please switch to White in the App first.
Alexa, change the {deviceName} to white
Alexa, make the {deviceName} warm white
Alexa, set the {deviceName} to daylight
Alexa, set the {deviceName} cooler
Alexa, make the {deviceName} whiter
Alexa, set the {deviceName} softer
Alexa, make the {deviceName} warmer

Color changing example:

Color words: red, yellow, green, blue, white, black, orange, pink, purple, gary, etc.
Alexa, set the {deviceName} to red
Alexa, change the {deviceName} to the color blue
Alexa, turn the {deviceName} green

Brightness changing example:

Alexa, set {deviceName} to 90 percent
Alexa, increase {deviceName} by 40 percent
Alexa, decrease {deviceName} by 40 percent

8. Standard phrases for controlling Sonoff RF Bridge

To control Sonoff RF Bridge, you'll need to say RF Remote name and button name together.

Standard voice control commands phrases (if you just say the RF Remote name, Alexa will turn on/off all buttons of that RF Remote immediately):

Alexa, turn on {RF Remote Name}
Alexa, turn off {RF Remote Name}

Alexa, turn on {RF Remote Name} {ButtonName}
Alexa, turn off {RF Remote Name} {ButtonName}

9. Standard phrases for controlling Sonoff iFan02

You can control the light and fan separately. When you want to control the fan, you'll need to say device name + fan together. Currently, it doesn't support to adjust the brightness for the light.

Standard voice control commands phrases for the light:

Alexa, turn on {Device Name}
Alexa, turn off {Device Name}

Standard voice control commands phrases for the fan:

Alexa, turn on {Device Name} fan
Alexa, turn off {Device Name} fan


Q1. Is there a fee to link my Echo to my eWeLink system?

No. If you have already purchased an Amazon Echo and you have an eWeLink system, you can link your Echo to your system for no additional cost.

Q2. If I already have an Echo, can I link it to my eWeLink?

Yes, as long as you have a "Works With Alexa" eWeLink device. Please read above tutorial to learn how the link the Echo to your system.

Q3. What features of my system can I control with my Echo?

With Echo, you can turn on/off any electrical devices that connect with our single-channel devices, such as turn your lights on and off. Or you can dim your LED and more.

Q4. My commands are not working, how to solve it?

Please check the following to resolve the issue.
4.1. Make sure you are using a valid command for your eWeLink system.
4.2. Make sure your network works normally.

Q5. How to connect Echo to Wi-Fi?

You may read the detailed tutorial from here.

Q6. Where can I find more information about and support for Echo?

Amazon has detailed support content for every aspect of your Echo here.

Q7.I can't find Skill in my language, why?

Currently, we have skill in US English, UK English, India English, CA English, AU English, German, Japanese and French.

More other languages will be supported in the future.

If you want to use this function. Please go to Setting on your Alexa App. In language, please select English(United States), English(UK), English(India), English(Canada), English(Australia) German, Japanese or French. Then you can search our Skill. As shown below:

Q8. Can I control scenes with Alexa?

No. This feature is not currently supported.

Q9. I searched the "eWeLink Smart Home" skill, but failed to find it. What to do?

Our skill is released globally. Normally, it can be searched in many countries. If failed to search, please inquire the Google side.