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Music player shield.jpg

The music player shield is based on CECL08D. The CECL08D chip can be used to decode MP3/WAV format audio file. The music player shield has SD card socket and USB interface, supporting USB and SD card play. Just plug and play!

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  • Ultra-low power
  • Configurable I/O for controlling
  • External buttons for controlling
  • Stackable
  • Support the SD card/USB play



Arduino PIN Description
D0 -
D1 -
D2 -
D3 -
D4 -
D5 -
D6 -
D7 -
D8 -
D9 -
D10 -
D11 -
D12 -
D13 -
A0 Play/Pause
A1 Next/Volume+
A2 Prev/Volume-
A3 Power/Sleep
A4 -
A5 -


Schematic for ITEAD Music Player Shield

Library for ITEAD Music Player Shield

Useful Links

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