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Iteaduino Lite is a new Arduino mainboard based on LGT8F88A compatible with Arduino interfaces. With 14 digital input and output pins (of which 6 pins can be used for PWM output), 6 analog inputs and SWD debug interface, the operating frequency can reach up to 32MHz. Compared to other Arduino mainboards, it runs faster with more powerful functions. It is compatible with most of Arduino libraries, and the development is as simple as Arduino.


  • Adopting LGT8F88A chip
  • GPIO interface breaks out electronic brick interface
  • Adopting high-efficiency DCDC supply with wider input range
  • Selectable operating level: 3.3V/5V


Processor LGT8F88A
PCB size 68.6mm X58.5mm X 1.6mm
Supply voltage 7~24V DC
Operating voltage 3.3V/5V DC
Indicator PWR, D13
Communication interface UART, IIC, SPI, SWD
External interface Power socket, micro USB

Electrical characteristics

Parameter Min. Typical Max. Unit
Supply voltage 7 - 23 VDC
Operating level - 3.3/5 - V
IO pin drive current - 40 80 mA





1. Level switch When it is switched to 5V, Lite works at 5V; when it is switched to 3.3V, Lite works at 3.3V.


1. Resetting button Press RESET button to reset Lite.


1. Serial port driver Iteaduino Lite adopts CP2102 chip instead of ATmega8U2 chip on Arduino UNO, thus we cannot use drive file in drive directory of Arduino IDE to install the driver. You can download CP2102 driver for different platforms including MAC version, Linux version and Windows version. Once downloaded, plug in Iteaduino Lite, search for CP2102 among the unknown devices, then click Upgrade Driver and manually install. Point the driver position to the downloaded driver directory and then install, finally the corresponding serial number can be found on IDE. More details of installation instructions, you can refer to this file: 2. Modify Arduino IDE Download the patch here: After extracting it, place folder Iteaduino Lite under directory arduino-1.0.x \ hardware catalog. At present, it does not support Arduino IDE version 1.5.x. 3. Download program: Select "Iteaduino Lite" when programming.


Datasheet for Iteaduino Lite

Datasheet for LGT8F88A

Migrating from ATMega88 to LGT8F88A v1.0

Schematic for Iteaduino Lite

Patch for Iteaduino Lite

LGT8F88A Setup

Useful Link

By pdeoliveira <Upload to Iteaduino Lite on Linux/debian> <Iteaduino Lite: 5$ Arduino clone>