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Iteaduino Plus is a Cost - effective DIY ARM platfrom. If you plan to assemble a small computer, you can try using this small ARM platform. It supports Ubuntu and other Linux distributions,you could use it like an ordinary computer. At the same time, the platform also have many extension interfaces, so you can make it as a brain for all your DIY project.

Iteaduino Plus is made up of Core and Baseboard. Core is the smallest system based on ARM, and it forms a highly extendable Mini PC together with Baseboard. Core and Baseboard are detachable. A relatively high-speed circuit is integrated in Core, which is quite difficult to design, and users can develop Baseboard on their own according to their needs.


  • CPU ARM Cortex-A8 @ 1Ghz
  • GPU Mali 400 MP
  • DDR3 RAM 1Gbyte
  • Split CORE and Baseboard design
  • Break out sufficient GPIO’s
  • Compatible with RPI 26pin interface
  • Support Grove Electronic brick
  • Support Foca directly for serial debug
  • ITEAD OS and SDK support


PCB size 109.22X76.2X1.2mm
Indicator 3V3 /5V
Interface HDMI/SATA/MICROSD/USB-AX2/MICROUSB/MINIUSB/RJ45/3.5MM sonic socketX2/2*36 2.54mm socketX2
Working voltage 5V DC (6.3VDC MAX)
Working voltage at I/O port 3V3



Iteaduino Plus A10 Interface

  • 1*10/100M Ethernet
  • 1*SATA with External Power Jack
  • 1*Micro-SD
  • 1*HDMI
  • 4*36pin GPIO
  • 2*USB HOST
  • 1*Mini USB OTG
  • 1*Micro USB (with 5V power supply)
  • 1*FOCA
  • 4*Grove
  • 1*26pin Rasberry Pi compatible interface
  • 1*3.5mm Audio Input
  • 1*3.5mm Audio Output

IM130808010_2.jpg IM130808010_3.jpg



As we mentioned in the previous blog ITEAD OS And SDK Introduction, we customized a linux system for Iteaduino Plus A10, and the various branches of properties are to facilitate developers and DIY users for rapid prototyping developments with Iteaduino Plus A10 platform. This version supports running ITEAD OS in Micro-SD card only, which cannot run on NAND FLASH just like Raspberry Pi, so that the system developed and project files can be taken along with you at all times and they can keep working after the card is inserted into any Iteaduino Plus A10.


Datasheet for Iteaduino Plus A10/A20

Schematic for Iteaduino Plus A10/A20

Schematic for A10 core

Manual for Iteaduino Plus A10/A20

ITEAD OS Pin map for Iteadino Plus

Iteaduino Plus with A10 core interface indicator

Dimension of baseboard

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