Low-cost Digital Compass Module

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This is a low cost digital compass with UART and IIC interface, it's easy to use with external controler like Arduino,IFLAT32.


  • Small size
  • Uart or IIC doulbe output/control interface
  • 3-5V Voltage comaptible



Serial Communication Protocol

Baud rate: 9600 bps Parity: N data bits: 8 Stop bit: 1


0x31: the first angle measurement 0xC0: calibration of the magnetic field start 0xC1: the end of the calibration magnetic field 0xA0-0XAA-0XA5-0XC5: Restore default setting 0xA0-0XAA-0XA5-IIC_ADDR: IIC address of the module change 0x03 + 8bit: Setting the magnetic declination high 8 bit 0x04 + 8bit: Setting the magnetic declination low8 bit Return Data

Byte0: 0x0D Byte1: 0x0A Byte2: 0x30 ~ 0x33 angle of one hundred (ASCII 0 ~ 3) Byte3: 0x30 ~ 0x39 angle of ten (ASCII 0 ~ 9) Byte4: 0x30 ~ 0x39 angle a bit (ASCII 0 ~ 9) Byte5: 0x2E (ASCII code decimal point) Byte6: 0x30 ~ 0x39 decimal point (ASCII 0 ~ 9) Byte7: 0x00 ~ 0xFF checksum (only lower 8bit) You can use the Foca or USBtoTLL moudle to connect your PC with this moudle.

IIC Communication Protocol:


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