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*[[Tutorial|Tutorial]] - Tutorial for Itead products.
*[[Tutorial|Tutorial]] - Tutorial for Itead products.
*[[Project|Project]] - Including projects such as  Itead SDK
*[[Project|Project]] - Including projects such as  Itead SDK
== Tutorials ==
[http://www.iteadstudio.com ITeadstudio] use [http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/MediaWiki MediaWiki] to build Wiki platform, freelancers can use both wiki sytax and FCKeditor. See [[Help:Contents|help]] informations before you start to edit. Any questions you can check [[Wiki FAQ]], and each product has its own FAQ linked in the product page, the questions and answers about products can be found there.
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== News ==
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Wiki is an open information collection platform. Information of ITEAD products and customer works will be hosted here, alive and ready for modification. Please feel free to improve the contents, contributions from registered account would receive our appreciations.
You may find following indexes to start with:

  • Product - A collection of product info pages
  • Tutorial - Tutorial for Itead products.
  • Project - Including projects such as Itead SDK