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Character LCM screen.jpg

Character LCM screen is a common display device, we provide 16×2, 8×2, 20×4 with Yellow / Blue black light LCD. But these LCD need more than 6 pins for controlling and you need to know the control register and time series.


Resolution 16X2
Backlight color Yellow, Blue
Communication Protocol UART
Band Rate 9600
RoSH Yes

Recommended operating condition

Power supply voltage 5 VDC
Current consumption 60mA(Blue) 70mA(Yellow)
Input Voltage VH 2.7V (Min) 3.3V (Type) 3.6V(Max)
Input Voltage VL 0.3V (Min) 0V (Type) 0.9V(Max) B71
Operation Temperature 20℃~60℃

Commands description

1. Command format

The format of all commands is CMD+[Parameter]+’;’, the [parameter] is option, and the ‘;’ is necessary.

2. Command list and parameter

1) Screen Clean

CMD : sc , Parameter : Null;

Example : sc; -----------------Screen clean. 2) Set backlight

CMD : sb, Parameter :1/0 [1: Set the backlight on; 0: Set the backlight off]

Example : sb1; ---------------Set the backlight on. sb0; ---------------Set the backlight off.

3) Set coordinate

CMD : sd, Parameter :X,Y [X: the column (X = [0,1]); Y: the row (Y = [0:15])]

Example : sd0,0; --------------Set the coordinate to column 0 and row 0. Sd1,15; ------------Set the coordinate to column 1 and row 15

4) Send string

CMD : ss, Parameter : Char String

Example: ss12345; -------------Send the char string to display in coordinate.

5) Set the cursor on/off

CMD su, Parameter: 0/1 [0: Set the cursor off, 1: Set the cursor on]

Example: su0; --------------Set the cursor off su1; --------------Set the cursor on

6) Set the cursor type

CMD sf, Parameter: 0/1 [0: Set the cursor blink off, 1: Set the cursor blink on]

Example: sf0; -------------- Set the cursor blink off sf1; -------------- Set the cursor blink on 7) Move the cursor

CMD sm, Parameter: 0/1 [0: Move the cursor left , 1: Move the cursor right]

Example: sm0; -------------- Move the cursor left sm1; -------------- Move the cursor right

3. Return message

O: OK, the mean is the command is correct and been done

E: Error, the mean is the command is error.

4. Command corresponding time

All the command corresponding time is < 50ms.

User notes

1. All the commands are lower case, and the end of command must be the char ‘;’.


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